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About Us

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We are a multi disciplinary lifestyle management company. We operate in the upmost discretion. have been working closely with private customers to supplement and help with a scope of individual prerequisites.
As experienced lifestyle managers, we pride ourselves on listening closely to your needs – and then conveying them precisely as you envisioned with a privately commissioned service, bespoke to you. Our proposition is simple; everything is possible it’s just about the how, the where and the when.
Our list of renowned existing clients and partners and the long-standing relationships we have with them is testimony to our company’s reputation.
Timi Orija
Timi Orija

02 Timi Orija

Growing up as a child, Timi always had an interest in film production and the creative industries.
Having studied Marketing in college, Timi realised that he had a natural flair for bringing out the best in both products and the teams he worked with.

Since then, he has previously worked in both tv and Hollywood film projects as an executive producer and most recently, the focus has been in sporting and entertainment events.

Fahad Alshamre
Fahad Alshamre

03 Fahad Alshamre

Bachelor in Law from the University of Kuwait.
Higher Diploma from the Justice Training Center, Riyadh. Saudi Arabia.
Deputy of the legal affairs in the Kuwait Union for the Kuwait University from the year of 2018 to 2019.
Master Degree Researcher in Taxation from Queen Mary University of London.
Language Skills:
1- Fluent in Arabic as a First Language.
2- Advanced in English as a Second Language.
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