We are proud to offer customized private concerts for dinner parties, gallery events, or other private events. All performers involved are world-class musicians, mostly current or former students from the Royal Academy of Music, coming from many different countries and backgrounds.

Although the most traditional ensembles are listed below, other ensembles and repertoire styles can be arranged, including traditional music from Asia and South America, depending on availability. All ensembles and programmes are organized by Fabricio Mattos, PhD candidate at the Royal Academy of Music, and an award winning performer and creative director of high level music projects around the world.

Please note that what we have to offer are private concerts, which involves a special place for performers and audience, and silence from the latter throughout the performance. Our groups do not perform background music for dinner, cocktails, or other social events.

We are pleased to confirm that our performances are Covid-19 compliant. This will ensure that you and your guests will have the confidence and assurances that you are in a safe environment.

Wind Quintet

Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Horn, and Clarinet.
Repertoire ranging many centuries, including British music.

Trio II*

Piano, Violin, and Cello.
Repertoire covers mostly 18th and 19th-century composers.

String Quartet

Two Violins, Viola, and Cello.
Repertoire ranging from 17th to 21st century, with particular emphasis on composers from the 19th century, such as Beethoven.


Some of the classical ensembles are: violin & piano*, cello & piano*, flute & classical guitar, cello & classical guitar, voice & classical guitar.
The repertoire is varied, depending of the instruments, and covers many styles.

Trio I

Flute, Classical Guitar and Cello.
Repertoire covers a vast range of music mainly from Europe and South-America.


Various instrument possibilities and genres.
Music ranging from Renaissance to contemporary styles.

* for ensembles including piano, this instrument should be available in the space, in playing conditions and in tune. A prior verification of the condition of the instrument will be needed before signing the performance agreement.