Welcome to the
Monaco Streaming Film Festival.
We are an international film festival focused strictly on the streaming and on-demand film and short-content sector,
We are celebrating streaming content, the streaming industry and talent.
We are powered by streaming technology.


The Future of Film is Here and Now

Grimaldi Forum. Monaco 3-6 July 2021

Locally in Monaco

At the Grimaldi Forum convention center in the heart of the glamorous principality of Monaco, a 360 degree experience is awaiting you.

Globally / Online

Live streamed worldwide via our festival, market place and summit platform. You are invited to attend, watch, listen, engage, and contribute.

Are you ready for
Are you ready for

A New Kind of Film Festival?

The first of its kind, Monaco Streaming Film Festival (MCSFF) will take its first steps on the red carpet and stream everything on its programme worldwide. With four days of in-person and simultaneous online programming.

We are bringing you – the film lover and filmmaker, wherever you are in the world – together to watch, listen to, be inspired by and interact with top film and technology leaders, talent, creators, media acquisition executives and the best screenings and talks that the streaming industry has to offer.

We want you to simultaneously celebrate in, and participate with, thousands of streaming aficionados, leaders, and influencers around the world in helping us and our featured industry makers, to shape the future of streaming with the intent to innovate and make more magic!

Who We Are
Who We Are

Who We Are

The Monaco Streaming Film Festival, in conjunction with The Princess Grace Foundation, The White Feather Foundation and The GEMA Foundation, is an innovative hybrid “Festival-meets-Summit” experience, celebrating the streaming industry’s content, makers, creators and talent, providing film and content production industry inside know-how and leveraging streaming technology to power the Festival.
Streaming industry leaders and talent will arrive at the glamorous principality of Monaco, the Festival’s location base, to partake in four dynamic days of premieres, a Gala Awards night, VIP receptions, a marketplace, and conferences. We present leading film, content, streamers and technology platform keynote speakers, featuring talks with Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak among others.

Technologically-driven, global in scale, The Monaco Streaming Film Festival extends beyond Monaco’s borders, opening its doors to a global audience via our live streaming platform, which will also feature all of the virtual-only content, conferences, market place, premieres and panels for our internationally located audiences.

What We Are
What We Are

What We Are

A hybrid film festival-meets-industry conference.
A hybrid in-person streaming and on-demand film and short-content industry and celebrity attended event extended globally live online for the world to partake in.
Technology-driven and interactive, The Monaco Streaming Film Festival converges the glamour of the Hollywood red carpet premiere festival experience with a film industry conference and a content and services market place.
Borderless, boundless, the Film Festival and Conference converges technology with the localized festival model. While keeping elements of prestige, exclusivity and ‘by-invitation’ by design we have taken the inaccessible experience and scaled it to be an inclusive, immersive, interactive viewer experience, enabling a global audience to participate, connect and contribute within the festival portal and via social media. The platform provides our partners and sponsors an amplified, dynamic means of driving brand awareness and engaging the affluent and aspirational consumer.
Why We Are
Why We Are

Why We Are

Awards Season – the Oscars, Golden Globes, SAG awards – have been churning out streaming content nominations and wins, so it is about time that a leading international film festival dedicates itself to the streaming and on-demand sector!

To-date there has never existed a leading international film festival that:
● Celebrates the most dominant, most favorited, most celebrated sector: streaming and on-demand, and
● Has made live streaming an integral, fundamental component of its attendance and broadcasting engine, and
● Is inclusive, scalable, interactive for the world at large, while retaining its intimate core and
● Hosts live conferences and summits streaming live online for the world to partake in when in-person attendance is not an option.

We are combining all of this to bring together a dynamic turn-key festival and film industry experience to bring to you – the film and content maker; the film and content lover – the best of the best film and technology leaders, talent, creators shaping the future of streaming with the intent to make more magic in the industry.

Who Is Invited?
Who Is Invited?

Who Is Invited?

Now let’s get specific:

In-Person Festival and Conference:

Daytime attendance to the conference, smaller screenings and trade marketplace, and VIP private events will be attended by top film and technology leaders, creators, talent, media executives, VIP guests of the festival. Evening attendance to the featured screenings and premiere films, the nightly official festival cocktail/party and the gala awards night is open to the public.

Streaming Platform:

Everyone! The more the merrier!
In addition to having access to all of the programming on the ground in Monaco streamed live on the platform, virtual only supplemental content will be streamed live, with leaders and talent not attending the festival in person will engage with a global audience through virtual panels and fireside chats.

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